Why this village is better than Mcleodganj

If you’re planning to go to Mcleodganj then I suggest you to think again. Mcleodganj was peaceful a couple of years back but now it has completely become commercialized and over crowded. So, I recommend you to go to this village called Dharamkot rather than Mcleodganj.

Dharamkot is a small village just 2 kms ahead of Mcleodganj and is much more peaceful. You can either take an auto rickshaw or hike all the way there. As you reach there you’ll see a sudden change in environment and landscape.


Why Dharamkot is better than Mcleodganj:

  1. This place offer you scenic view from everywhere.
  2. It’s much more peaceful than Mcleodganj.
  3. You’ll find cheaper homestay options.
  4. The cafes here provide good food at a reasonable price.
  5. You can go out for a yoga session, learn musical instruments etc.

I hope these reasons are enough for you to go and explore this village and spend a peaceful time in nature.

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