Technology and Travel | How Technology has changed the way we Travel

Technology and Travel

Technology and Travel have advanced a lot in the last few years. Over time, one thing that has made a massive growth is Technology and how it has changed the way we Travel. To be specific, the Internet and Mobile have made so much development that it has changed the overall game. From planning a trip to coming back and sharing it to the world, technology plays a big part.

Let’s find out how Technology and Travel have advanced over time

1. Bookings/Planning got easier

Technology and Travel

In today’s time, we plan our trip if we see a beautiful location online. Gone are the days when we used to stand in long queue to book a ticket. Now, we have our smartphones and it all could be done on just a click.

It’s not just the train or flight tickets. We can also book a bus ticket online, look for hotels online and compare prices and book the best one out of it.

Technology has made development in such a manner that we can call a cab on our doorsteps. All of this can be done with the help of an app on our smartphones.

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2. Click unlimited pictures

Remember those days when we used to have limited films? Not anymore. It’s the generation of selfies and smartphone companies have made sure that there is enough space to click unlimited pictures.

Today we have Digital cameras where we don’t need to worry about limited pictures. But smartphones have evolved more than anything. Today we have dual cameras in phones which gives a quality no less than a DSLR.

We all love to share our pictures after coming back from a trip. Now, we can not only share pictures online but we can also show them in real time by going live. That’s a technology advancement in tourism.

3. Navigation is easier

Back in the days, to reach an unknown destination we had to read the paper map or ask people for the route. But Google has come up with such a brilliant solution called Google Maps.

It not only tells us the route on our phones, but it will also tell which route is the shortest and which one has lesser traffic. In this, we can also find different routes for cars, bikes and walking.

Google Maps comes with an audio assistant which guides you through the route. Isn’t that amazing to see technology and travel go hand in hand? Who would’ve thought that technology would advance in such a manner?

4. Language not a barrier anymore

Technology development in Travel
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The language used to be such a barrier and half the time we got lost in the translation. But thanks to Google again for coming up with Google Translation.

You don’t need to worry about the language anymore. It can translate almost any language to your need. So, travel any country without worrying about the language.

5. Digital Payment

As the heading says Digital Payment, which means no more carrying of cash everywhere. Now, most of the places they have started accepting the cards or online payments.

This makes easy for the travellers as they don’t have to worry about carrying cash and then hiding it in a safe place. This also helps in case if you don’t find an ATM nearby then you can just pay it online.

Not just paying, you can also transfer money directly to the bank now. No more standing in the long queues and waiting for hours. Just one click and the transfer is done. This is one of the emerging technologies in the travel industry.

6. Non-stop Music

When you travel, one of the most important thing that keeps you in the mood is music. Earlier, we had to carry our cassettes and a big Walkman which was quite a task. You couldn’t take all the cassettes along and couldn’t even add all the songs in one cassette.

Thanks to Technology, now we can travel without carrying an extra device to listen to music. Everything is on our mobiles today with unlimited music.

7. No tour guides needed

If you want to know the best restaurant in the town, you search it online. Looking for places to visit, activities to do, history of a place, you search it online.

Why would you need a tour guide if you have your own portable tour guide with you? There are many apps that help you with guiding through the city you are visiting. That’s the future of technology in travel.

8. Easy Internet access

The biggest advancement in technology is the Internet. Today, it’s easily available to everyone and at a very cheap price. Now, why I have mentioned the Internet with Travel because all the above points are possible because of the Internet only.

From the planning of a trip to bookings, we use the internet. Other than the above 7 points, it also helps in connecting with people from anywhere in the world. With the help of the internet, you can video call now.

These are the impacts of Technology on the Travel industry. In the coming time, we will see new travel technology. The whole experience of travelling will change in the coming years.

What do you think of the impact of technology on travel? It has already made very easy for us to make a travel plan. How is it going to change in the coming years? If you have any thoughts on what is the future of technology in travel then please comment down and tell us.

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