Are you addicted to travel? Signs of a Travel Addict

Travel addict

Are you someone who constantly have travel on their mind? Are you one of those people who continuously looks at pictures of beautiful destinations on their mobile phone? If you are, then chances are you might be addicted to travel. Read the signs of a travel addict and find out if you are one.

Signs of a Travel Addict

The addiction to travel is something that just gets worse over time. If you are here reading this, then chances are you have a travel bug inside you. Given below are a few signs which would help you understand what is travel addiction.

1. Travel on mind all the time

You are always thinking of travel. While sitting at your home or at work daydreaming of a beautiful destination that you want to go next. This means that you constantly need a vacation and a break from work.

2. Checking photos of beautiful destinations online

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and some other social media channels are full of pictures of beautiful destinations. Scrolling through just travel pictures all day is your time pass. If you are just following pages related to travel, then you are addicted to travel and you don’t even know.

3. Watching Travel movies

Travel movies excite you to take a trip. Watching movies which have beautiful locations, friends taking a road trip, or just a travel documentary is an indication of a travel addict. Your favourite set of movies include Into the Wild, Roadtrip, Wild, and many more.

4. You like reading travel blogs/travel magazines

In your free time, you like reading travel blogs. While other people read novels, a newspaper in their free time, you read travel blogs, check travel itineraries, and read travel articles in magazines.

5. You have all the travel apps

Most of the apps on your mobile phone are travel apps. You just keep checking the travel packages online, discounts on flight tickets, which city to visit in which season.

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6. You keep looking at your travel pictures

Your phone’s gallery is filled with your travel pictures. So, when you are not travelling you just look at your travel pictures and relive those moments.

7. Talking about travel with friends

Whenever you meet your friends, you can’t resist yourself from bringing in the topic of travel. Planning a trip with your friends is your all-time favourite thing to do. (But most of it gets cancelled)

8. Sharing your travel stories

You keep sharing your travel experiences when you are with your friends or colleagues. Asking someone ” Have you been there?” is your favourite question to ask.

9. You like to collect souvenir

Collecting souvenirs is another thing that a travel addict likes to do. Not all travellers like to collect things from different places. But you like to have fridge magnets, currencies, of different nations, and many more things in your collection.

10. You have a travel playlist

When it comes to music, you have a separate travel playlist in your music player. You are particular about your music when you are travelling.

If you found these points relatable, then chances are you are also addicted to travelling. The only cure for this addiction is to travel more.

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