Places to go with your friends

Group trekking in Himachal

Travelling is so much fun and what adds to the fun is friends. There are a few places to go with your friends only because you can’t have that experience with anyone else. In school and college you make some really good friends and most of these stay forever. So, make some lifetime memories with your friends by going to these places:


1. Manali-Leh Bike trip

Bikers on Manali leh route

This is one of the trips best explored on the motorcycle. It is so popular that even foreigners come and do this trip on a bike. One of highest motorable passes in the world comes on this route. Next time call all your biker buddies and go for a long bike trip.

2. Go Goa 

Shacks at goa beach

Goa is every bachelor’s dream destination. Everyone wants to do a bachelor’s party in Goa. A perfect place to chill with your friends on a beach. Who would not love to chill at a place like this with their buddies.

3. Get adventurous in Rishikesh 

River rafting in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is famous for the adventure sports like Rafting and Bungee jumping. Go with your gang and get into some adventure. You can also camp there and just chill near the river. Rishikesh is a must visit place to go with your friends.

4. Go trekking

Trekking in Himachal  


At least once go for a trek with your old buddies because trekking is something that’ll make your bond stronger. You are in the wild with no network, so you won’t be on your phone and will be talking to each other. There are so many treks in Himachal and Uttarakhand, pick any one and start trekking.

5. Get Desserted in Jaisalmer

sunset in Jaisalmer dessert

Jaisalmer is the perfect place to camp in a dessert. Go for a safari ride in these sand dunes. It’s a perfect place to visit in the beginning of winters. You’ll actually feel desserted because you won’t see any civilisation nearby, just the camps, sand dunes and your friends.

These are my top places to go with your friends. Share it with your friends and pick a place where you haven’t been to and plan a trip now. If you have any suggestion for more places then comment down on this post.


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