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Backpacker hostel in India

If you’re travelling solo and are looking for cheap and good accommodation, then don’t worry Zostel is here. Now, for those who don’t know what Zostel is, it is a backpacker hostel which gives you accommodation for a very low price. It is India’s first and largest chain of hostels. Right now, it is in 30 cities in India and 2 in Nepal.

Reasons to choose Backpacker Hostel over Hotel

You get to meet new people :

Dorm beds- Backpacker Hostel

When you travel solo, you tend to meet a lot of other travellers from different cities and sometimes even from the same city. Some of them are travelling solo while some are travelling with their friends or family.

While staying in a hostel, you interact with them and do fun activities together. By the time you leave, you have so many friends and so many memories.

You don’t get bored :

Backpacker hostel in India

In a backpacker hostel like Zostel, you have a lot to do on their campus. You can play the guitar if you are into music, you have books to read, you have games like Uno, Jenga etc to play.

You don’t have to just sit in your room and get bored. Just come out of your comfort zone and bond with other travellers over music and games.

It’s not very expensive :

For solo travellers, hotels can be really expensive and quite boring to stay at. While in Hostels, you have the option of dorms where you pay from 400-600 INR for a night which is perfect.

If you book a hotel, you have to pay at least 1000 bucks for a night. On the bright side, in a hostel you pay less and you get a company of travellers.

You listen to interesting stories :

Staying in a hostel, you meet people from different cities and cultures, you get to hear so many travel stories from them. You get to learn so much from other travellers.

Every traveller has its own travel stories which are always fun to listen to. Sometimes it’s not just the stories but also you get to know of some unheard locations.

You get a Local Guide :

The best part of staying at a hostel is that you get to know all about the local places, some hidden spots that no traveller knows of.

The host at the hostel has the knowledge of all these places around.

It’s away from the crowded place :

Most of the hostels you’ll find will be in some peaceful environment. You won’t find hostels where it’s all noisy and crowded. While a hotel is always in the main city and it gets annoying with the constant noise of vehicles.

So, next time if you want to get away from the city’s crowd and noise and spend some time in peace then go for a hostel.

Zostel - Backpacker hostel

These are the benefits of staying in a backpacker hostel over a hotel especially if you’re travelling solo. Other than that, if you still want to book a hotel, then get great deals online on Kayak.

If next time any of your friend asks you to suggest a good hotel, then share this article with them. Suggest them to stay in a hostel for once and I am sure they’ll love the whole experience.

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